About D’Ette Delforge

For the love of craft

Precision and creativity are the foundations of D’Ette’s work. A lifetime of patience and dedication to craft enable her to create handmade jewelry that will transcend generations. With over 30 years of bench experience, she takes her client’s ideas, often using jewelry they no longer wear, and turns them into exciting new pieces of jewelry.

D’Ette DelforgeUsing traditional goldsmithing techniques, D’Ette creates pieces that fit the customer like a glove. She focuses on creating these pieces by paying attention to purpose (is this an every day piece?), balance (how to prevent a ring with a large stone from spinning around the finger), and durability (are the stones protected?). These purpose-engineered pieces become the heirlooms for the next generation.

A 5th generation native of Louisville, Colorado, D’Ette Delforge was introduced to many different types of artistic endeavors by her father: woodworking, stained glass, and oil painting. However, when she found jewelry making in high school, she was hooked. She and her dad started 3D Designs in 1979 selling jewelry and stained glass. Her first job was at a rock store in Boulder, Colorado. The repair shop in the back allowed D’Ette to hone her silver working and stone cutting skills. In the early 1980s her designs began to incorporate precious and semi-precious stones. She further enhanced her knowledge of diamonds and gemstones through courses taught by GIA.

D’Ette’s transformative position was working for a designer making jewelry for retail and wholesale markets. She learned all aspects of the job and after eight years, focused on building her own business creating jewelry for those same markets. She specializes in custom design, redesign, up cycling and restoration. Her attention to detail in stone setting and repairs makes her a favored vendor for local designers. Her jewelry is available at galleries in Vail, Beaver Creek, Boulder, Denver and Littleton. Custom orders are always welcome. With over 35 years of experience, D’Ette is very knowledgeable and trusted in the jewelry industry.

I am passionate about merging the balance of design and wearability. I love to create pieces that fit the client’s lifestyle and pay close attention to durability, comfort and, above all, craftsmanship.

The balance of design and wearability describes my intent. Contact me to create custom jewelry that transforms you.